Torrey Podmajersky, a pale-skinned woman with reddish-pink hair, wearing a gray shirt, black sweater, and silver necklace, looking at the camera with a slight smile.

Torrey Podmajersky helps teams solve business and customer problems using UX content. She has written inclusive and accessible consumer and professional experiences for Google Ads and Cloud, OfferUp, Xbox, Microsoft account, Windows apps, privacy, and Microsoft education. Her book Strategic Writing for UX was published by O’Reilly Media in June 2019.

Torrey’s high-intensity speaking style was refined in the crucible of teaching chemistry, but even her most engaging lectures no longer require eye protection. She co-created the UX Writing Fundamentals curriculum for Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts, teaching there since 2016. She speaks internationally about UX writing.

Torrey has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from University of Washington, a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction from Seattle University, and has done freelance fiction writing, home health care work, foster parenting, high-power rocketry, marketing communications, designed the Pilda Pill Sorter, and taught high-school science for nine years. Torrey’s range of experience helps her empathize with a broad range of people, which she brings to her products and her teams.