Best book on UX writing. A super practical and genuinely useful book on writing for UX.

– Amazon reviewer Greta
Book cover of Strategic Writing for UX

When you depend on users to perform specific actions—like buying tickets, playing a game, or riding public transit—well-placed words are most effective. But how do you choose the right words? And how do you know if they work? With this practical book, you’ll learn how to write strategically for UX, using tools to build foundational pieces for UI text and UX voice strategy.

  • Learn how UX content works with the software development lifecycle
  • Use a framework to align the UX content with product principles
  • Explore content-first design to root UX text in conversation
  • Learn how UX text patterns work with different voices
  • Produce text that’s purposeful, concise, conversational, and clear

Torrey saw the need for a common language and context about UX writing so that UX writers (aka Content Designers and Content Strategists) could start sharing their solutions to these problems. She conceived and pitched the idea, and Strategic Writing for UX was the first book about UX writing from a major publisher (O’Reilly Media.)

Strategic Writing for UX is available in English, Portuguese (Brazil), and Italian.


If you’re considering moving into UX writing, you’ll welcome the footsteps this book gives you to follow.

– Amazon review from Marcia R. Johnston