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Any family, every family

Excerpt: … Problem 2: To kids, family features are weapons In a white paper, we illustrate the importance of family and child services to Microsoft, and then the limitations different architectures would impose on different families in that hypothetical service. For kids to establish real relationships with us, there has to be something in it for them. Right now, there isn’t. Family is a social structure for parenting kids, for establishing inheritance, and for aiding the elderly, among other reasons. So far, Microsoft has focused its family efforts on kids,… Read more Any family, every family

Internal technical email, with help from Dr. Seuss

This email had to convey my deep understanding of the technical complexity of the “back stack” (the screens you’d see by pressing B on the Xbox One controller), in a way the engineer couldn’t ignore. Excerpt: Subject: Checking the back-stack story… Do we know if this is how the back-stack will work in the context of snapped and full-screen apps? Your quick review for accuracy would be much appreciated. Snap an App —————- BAT App Snapped SAT Snappable app. App snapped. Snapped app. Snap an app with app in BAT… Read more Internal technical email, with help from Dr. Seuss