Hi! I’m Torrey

Torrey Podmajersky, a pale-skinned woman with reddish-pink hair, wearing a gray shirt, black sweater, and silver necklace, looking at the camera with a slight smile.

I use UX content to help teams meet business and customer goals.

I speak and teach about UX writing, and I wrote Strategic Writing for UX (O’Reilly Media, 2019). I currently work at Google and on a few side projects.

Work with me

If you want to enlist me in your project, tell me how you’re working on hard problems that impact human needs: to survive, belong, strive, explore, play, and to have purpose. If your project helps people meet their needs more quickly, more inclusively, and/or with more kindness, I’ll be interested. 

If you want me to teach you, your team, or your conference attendees how to write UX that solves problems for your organization and the people who will use your experience, contact me on LinkedIn

My background

I’ve written UX content for Google, OfferUp, Xbox, Microsoft account, Windows apps and privacy, and Microsoft education. With Elly Searle, I co-created the UX Writing Fundamentals class for Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts

I’ve also been a freelance fiction writer, home health care aide, marketing communications manager, coder, product designer, and high-school science teacher. My classes no longer require eye protection, gloves, or masks.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Washington, and my Masters in Curriculum & Instruction from Seattle University.