Strategic Writing for UX

Drive engagement, conversion, and retention with every word.

The cover of Strategic Writing for UX, featuring a gray catbird.

About the book

Strategic Writing for UX is the first book about UX writing from a major publisher (O’Reilly Media.) It describes methods of using words inside user experiences (UX) to meet common business goals while meeting the goals of the people using the experiences.

I pitched Strategic Writing for UX after attending Confab 2018, where I met more UX writers (product writers, content strategists, etc.) in one place than I had ever seen in one place – 40 of them! And most of these writers were struggling with the same demons I had, not knowing that solutions existed.

Even more complicated is the relationship of a UX writer to their teams; when I started UX writing in 2010, there were no job listings for a “UX Writer.” These days, there are new jobs listed each week – but what expectations, processes, and outcomes do these roles have in common? What are UX writers getting into, and what do these teams think they’re looking for?

I saw a need for a lingua franca about UX writing to start sharing our solutions to these problems. The best part about writing the book has been the overwhelming enthusiasm from writers, designers, researhers, engineers, and product owners. My hope for the book is that it will encourage people responsible for user experiences to use words that meet their goals, give them a few ways forward, and make writing good, problem-solving UX text a little easier.


Blank voice chart

UX text scorecard

30/60/90-day starter deck

Where to buy

Amazon Books
fast delivery, and helps book rankings

O’Reilly Safari platform
electronic access for Safari subscribers

Ada’s Technical Books
independent bookstore in Seattle, WA

Powell’s Books
independent bookstore in Portland, OR

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