Gathering Grace

An aging superheroine and her super-nemesis face new challenges with the granddaughter they have in common, in this all-ages novel.


Chapter 17: Repercussions

Back in the penthouse, Elizabeth turned to her security guard. “Mr. Cornobble, nobody is to enter the building who does not work here. People are to be encouraged to leave, if they haven’t done so already. Tell them it’s about routine alarm testing and maintenance, if they want a reason, and to bring up their concern with their immediate supervisor if that doesn’t work.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Mr. Cornobble turned and left.

“Have a seat, Ruth. Grace, will you fix some tea? Bring it out to us in the living room.” It was a cheap trick to get just her and Ruth alone, and Ruth understood it.

“Okay, Despoina.” Grace was relieved to be doing something so normal, and disappeared into the other room. “The regular kind?”

“Yes, Grace. Thank you.” Elizabeth studied Ruth. “New jacket?”

Ruth’s eyebrow went up. “Why do you ask?”

“There’s something special about it.”

“Yes.” Ruth felt no need to explain. Instead, she changed the subject. “What the hell was going on down there?”

“I thought you would know. It is, after all, more your style. That kind of ‘protest action’ never was my thing.”

“I haven’t talked to Grace in a few days. I didn’t even know she was going to be there.” Ruth looked sharply at the other woman. “Did you know? That she was going to be down there, I mean. I thought she was supposed to be helping you in the afternoons.”

“She asked permission earlier today, and I granted it. Apparently, one of the members of that flying group that’s been in the news lately, the ones that have been detained, one of them went to her school. She felt that it was important to be involved.”

“So you just let her go? Knowing how dangerous it could be?”

“Why would it be dangerous for her, Ruth? She’s just another high school girl upset by the unfairness of the world. She doesn’t have Powers, so it shouldn’t affect her.”

Available from the publisher and on Published July 1, 2008 by Hanford Mead Publishing.